We know where our meat comes from, do you?

For the last 30 years we have developed our skills and expanded into providing a pig roast experience that is second to none. We cater for numbers from 50 people to 1000's and anywhere in between.

We have spent many years and generations sourcing top quality animals for our shops.We have our lambs from three farms depending on the season, Apple tree farm Hammerwich, Mr Robert Key from Penkridge and Butterhill farm Sandon. This is also where one of our two cattle farms is. This farm is owned by Mr Fred Watson and his family for 3 generation since the 1940's.

Their farm is situated on the banks of the river Trent and the cattle and lambs graze the water meadow pastures. So you can tell what great meat this produces.

Our other farm is from Kingston Uttoxeter this is where the Rushton family farm on the banks of the river Blyth, so yet again the cattle graze the water meadow pastures.

Our pork comes from Mr Westwood from Chase Terrace who is a long time family friend and only sends us what he thinks is the best and that's good enough for us!

We have been stocking Soanes chickens for many years as seen on the BBC's "Great British food revival", top quality grain fed chickens which they have been producing for the last three decades.

You care about what you eat, we care about what we sell.

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